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We Don't Think Your House Is Ugly

We treat every client with honesty and integrity. We don't believe your home is ugly. We aren't here to add insult to your problems. We are here to solve your problems.

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The Facts On Selling Your Home Fast

Don’t try to salvage equity that does not exist. The fact that you bought your home for thousands more than homes are currently selling for in your neighborhood is irrelevant to the current fair market value of your home. We all know that you put money and time into your home or the person you inherited the house from did.

However, you have to get clear on your goal when selling your home: Are you trying to squeeze extra dollars out of your home by holding out for the a higher price, or are you trying to avoid the seven-year black mark that a foreclosure will leave on your credit report, move on to a new life, start a new job in a new area or execute final probate the home of a loved one?  Time is money too and we can help you secure a fair and quick sale when we buy your home.

Who We Help – We Buy Homes from People in a Variety of Situations

If you’re being transferred or relocating, going through a divorce, tired of being a landlord, don’t want to continue making two house payments or have an unwanted house that just won’t sell, we can offer you a variety of solutions to buy your home quickly regardless of your situation or reason for selling your home.

We also work with other investors and property managers that are liquidating entire portfolios of homes.  We can look at one of your troubled properties with a non paying tenant or make a cash offer on up to 100 homes at a time.

So regardless of your motivation for selling your home, we are real estate investors that work with the general public and private hedge funds to acquire residential real estate for our investment portfolio.  We do feel for your situation that has you searching for an answer, but we will focus on the property and not your personal business when we buy your home.


Where We Buy Houses

Check out where we invest here:

WE BUY HOMES IN phoenix arizona

Check out where we invest here:

WE BUY HOMES IN tempe arizona

Check out where we invest here:

WE BUY HOMES In tucson arizona

Check out where we invest here:

WE BUY HOMES IN mesa arizona

Check out where we invest here:

WE BUY HOMES IN glendale arizona

Check out where we invest here:

WE BUY HOMES IN Gilbert arizona

We focus on the areas that we know extremely well.  As you can see from our background, we love real estate and have a proven track record.  We are also smart enough to know that there have been many new companies and even cookie cutter franchises invading this niche space of real estate.

However, we live and work right here in Scottsdale Arizona and only invest in properties that we can physically manage without hiring 3rd party representatives and out of state management companies.  If your property is located in and around the locations we invest and you are interested in selling your home with a fair, no hassle offer for your home or investment property please call us to discuss your specific real estate details.

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