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- No More Mortgage Hassles

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- No More Repairs

- Get An Honest Value For Your Home

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We Don't Think Your House Is Ugly

We treat every client with honesty and integrity. We don't believe your home is ugly. We aren't here to add insult to your problems. We are here to solve your problems.

Call: 480-418-1992

Get an Offer to Buy Your Home

1. Contact Us

  • Call Us Direct


  • Email Us

  • Mail Us


    po box 14697

    Scottsdale Az 85267

2. Discuss the Property Details

  • Initial Conversation

    Give Us Some Details on property, liens, condition and goals.

  • On Site Visit

    Walk us around and we’ll snap some photos and get more property data.

  • Complete Data Sheet

    We’ll complete the investor property data sheet to help us make a fair offer.

  • Preparing Offer

    With the Data Sheet completed, will work up some figures.

3. Get Offer to Buy Your Home

  • Offer Presentation

    We’ll deliver you our offer to purchase.

  • Review Offer Document

    We’ll clearly list the important numbers and terms.

  • Offer Review

    Take some time to review the details of the offer.  Our policy is that you take at least 24 hours.

  • GIve Us Your Answer

    With the thumbs up, we can proceed to draw up the closing paperwork.

  • Closing and Funding

    We will close on your timetable and answer any questions every step of the way.

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