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- No More Mortgage Hassles

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- No More Repairs

- Get An Honest Value For Your Home

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We Don't Think Your House Is Ugly

We treat every client with honesty and integrity. We don't believe your home is ugly. We aren't here to add insult to your problems. We are here to solve your problems.

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Experience, Knowledge and Perspective

 Since 1992 we have done deals in all areas of Real Estate .  We are not a national franchise that relies on its corporate office to set guidelines deals and deal marketing.  Nor are we a group of weekend warriors that want to flip a house or two and retire.  We live real estate investing as a profession – full time, everyday.

Real Estate Experience and Knowledge go hand in hand.  Experience is knowledge that has been tested and organized over time.  There are no shortcuts to building the kind of real estate portfolio that we have acquired and manage.  The internet hosts many websites that tout a quick cash sale and use your situation or home condition as leverage against you in the negotiation process.  We don’t.

It’s not that we don’t care about the stress of divorce, job loss, or foreclosure, or relocation.  It’s that it is really irrelevant.  If you call us, we know you want to sell your home so fast that you are willing to forego the traditional process of listing your home, or have a home that is not in listing condition, or you listed your home with less than stellar results.  There is no need to call your home ugly one day and  love-able the next.   We think you deserve more respect.

Perspective is how you see things.  We always look at doing a quick offer and transaction from both sides and will work to make a sensible and equitable offer that works for all parties.   We understand that you need a fast turnaround, its in our name – but not a high pressure “take it or leave it offer”.  Our offer is a high end wholesale price that is based on a number of items like recent sales, house condition, and historical length of time on the market data.  We do need to turn a profit on your home.  However, we do not try to retire on only one transaction – so our offers tend to be quite equitable compared to cookie cutter franchises and newly established house flippers.

You are never under any obligation to continue and there is not a cost for your property review.
So give us a call today to discuss your individual situation and property details to start the process. Get past your real estate challenges and enjoy your new chapter of life.


Some things are easy enough a caveman can do it. Buying your home is not one of them.  .

We believe in having a smooth and transparent purchase with you. That’s why we want you to know that we intend to fix and sell the home at a retail price and for a profit. In some cases we will sell the home to another investor who will complete the necessary repairs or it may be sold to another investment company and placed in their rental home inventory.

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