Selling Your Home Due to Divorce


Facing the decision about keeping or selling your home due to divorce?

It is not an easy choice.  Give us a call to find out your options and review our offer to purchase your home and think it over with these questions:

What are your housing options in Arizona or where ever you plan to live?  We may have some options for you too.  The important thing here is budget.  Will the cost of the house payments be about the same, more or less than a similar place for rent when you figure in the tax deductions for mortgage loan interest? Are there rentals available where you live that meet your needs and are in the same school district? Can you afford the costs associated with moving or storing items if you move into a smaller home?  Maybe you can qualify to buy a home.

Then there is your local Arizona real estate market factor.  Do you know what your house is worth in your current real estate market? We can help you determine this number.  Are you under water when it comes to equity?  Again, we have payout plans to help you clean the slate.

No matter how much you may want to stay in the home, your financial budget situation will likely become much tighter following divorce.  Can you really afford the house on your own when the divorce is over?  Considering this can truly be painful, but getting a quote does not commit you in any way.  We pride our selves on the quiet approach and would like to walk through your options.

Consider the many benefits of making a clean break by selling the marital home. There won’t be any worry about whether or not either person can qualify on their own income to refinance it into their own name.  You can use your share of the profit from the home sale to prioritize your new financial goals.