Selling a House That Needs Repairs – We Will Buy Your Home

Can’t Afford to Improve Curb Appeal or Interior of Home to Market Ready Condition?

We all know the first thing a buyer sees is a home’s outside appearance. Sometimes it takes more than a fresh coat of paint, and that the bushes and lawn are well manicured. In real estate, appearances mean a lot but costs can be overwhelming.  So these simple tips are easier said than done on a tight budget or if an unplanned reduction to the budget due to health issues, income reduction has occurred.  Aesthetics are important, but it’s also important that doors, appliances and electrical and plumbing fixtures be in compliance with current building codes and in working order.  But you need to sell now.  So what can be done?  Well you do not need to worry about the idea of getting the home in move in condition.  We will buy your home “as is”.  So selling a house that needs repairs is no problem for you to worry about.

So whether you home is older and needs upgrades to compete with other new homes in the area of comparable size or your home was a rental, inherited or just one that was not adequately maintained we will buy your home and restore it ourselves at our cost and get you from underneath the burden of the property.  Sometimes, it can be something small like a new heating system or something larger like a shifted foundation or leaky roof.  We have scene it all and can help.   Some properties just need some updates to compete.  We have installed retaining walls and pavers to enhance and complete with brand new homes.  We can start thinking of ideas if you do not contact us.  Take Action today.

We believe in having a smooth and transparent purchase with you. That’s why we want you to know that we intend to fix and sell the home at a retail price and for a profit. In some cases we will sell the home to another investor who will complete the necessary repairs or it may be sold to another investment company and placed in their rental home inventory.