Selling Your Investment Property

house2So you are now wanting to exit the world of being a landlord.  Maybe the house is vacant or your have a bad paying tenant that is not taking care of the place.  Either way the eviction process seems daunting and you may fearing that the tenant may damage the home before the eviction process is completed.  We can help with selling your investment property by buying it from you lightning fast.

We just recently helped a couple where they had a buyer in place closed on their new home a few states away where the husband was taking a better job.  Everything seem fine and in place until their buyers got a last minute decline from the local mortgage lender.  They were going to use the proceeds to establish their new home and pay themselves back for moving expenses.  They did not want to rent the home out because of the liability and distance.  So we stepped in and since the home was ready for market and in great shape  – the offer we gave them was above traditional wholesale. So if you have an investment property that is under performing or you find yourself with an extra house – we will gladly take a look at making you an offer.


We believe in having a smooth and transparent purchase with you. That’s why we want you to know that we intend to fix and sell the home at a retail price and for a profit. In some cases we will sell the home to another investor who will complete the necessary repairs or it may be sold to another investment company and placed in their rental home inventory.